Our History

In 1996, College of Music student Phil Johnson founded the Accafellas at Michigan State University. In 1997, the newfound group released their debut album, Accafellas Volume I, which is currently out of print. In 1998, at the University of Michigan’s Monsters of A Cappella concert, the relatively new Accafellas received a standing ovation from a pro-wolverine crowd. In 2000, the Accafellas released Accafellas Volume II. In 2004, the Accafellas released Accafellas Volume III, a much more polished effort which would serve as a great influence on future Accafellas releases. In 2006, the Accafellas released Accafellas Volume IV. Their version of the song "You and I Both" by Jason Mraz appeared on Varsity Vocals' Best of College a Cappella compilation that same year. In 2009, the Accafellas released Accafellas Volume V. The album was recorded at Ryan Wert's Elm Street Recording Studio in Lansing, MI. Wert claimed that Volume V was "The most ambitious of the CD's [he's] recorded."

On June 11, 2010, the Accafellas performed the song "Would You Go with Me" with Josh Turner at his fan club party before the CMA Music Festival.

The Accafellas went on to release Accafellas Volume VI, Accafellas Volume VII, and Fella Favorites (a compilation of our favorite songs from Volumes I-VII, online release only). The Accafellas plan to release Accafellas Volume VIII on April 14, 2018 at their spring concert at Haslett High School. 

International Competition of Collegiate a cappella (ICCA)

The Accafellas have competed multiple times in the International Championship for Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA). We have won numerous awards over the years at ICCA, most notably advancing to the regional semi-finals in 2008, 2013, and 2015.

In the 2012 ICCA Quarterfinals, the Accafellas received awards for Best Soloist (Joe Caigoy, "Without You") and Best Arrangment (Jake Przybyla, Duncan Cooper and Richard Hofmeister for "Clocks").

In 2015, The Accafellas placed 2nd in our ICCA Regional Quarterfinal sending us to the Sectional Semifinals in Ann Arbor. Our set included Hozier's "Take Me to Church" (Soloist, Connor Ralph), Sam Smith's "Lay Me Down" (Soloist, Andrew Lee), and Fall Out Boy's "Centuries" (Soloist, Brad Larsen).

In 2016, The Accafellas took third place in the quarterfinals. Our setlist consisted of a Motown Medley ("I Want You Back", "Please Mrs. Postman", "Superstition", "Easy", "Tracks of my Tears", "My Girl"), Allen Stone's "Satisfaction", and The Weeknd's "In The Night".

In 2018, the Accafellas placed fourth in the ICCA Great Lakes Quarterfinal at Grand Ledge High School and received the award for Outstanding Soloist (Daniel Dade, "Blindside"). 

In 2019, the Accafellas placed third place in the ICCA Great Lakes Quarterfinal at Grand Ledge High School.